Cluster Mail Theft: Frequently Asked Question's

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Who is responsible for our mailboxes and cluster mailboxes?

The mailboxes and cluster mailboxes used throughout the city are federal property under the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are controlled by the United States Postal Service, a branch of the federal government.

What should I do if my mailbox is broken into?

If you see a crime in progress or you suspect a mailbox break in is occurring, please call the Eastvale Police Department (Riverside County Sheriff’s Department), 9-1-1 emergency line. If the crime has already occurred please call the Eastvale Police Non-Emergency line at 951.776.1099 AND the Postal Inspectors Office by calling 877.876.2455 or visiting to alert them of the break-in. It may also be helpful for you to alert your neighbors and your Home Owners Association (where applicable).

Why report mailbox break-ins?

Reporting mailbox break-ins, theft, or vandalism is incredibly important for prevention of future damage. The reporting to the Eastvale Police Department (Riverside County Sheriff’s Department) is critical for crime data, statistics and prevention. Damage to mailboxes or cluster mailboxes may delay mail delivery by the USPS. It may be helpful to have your neighbors and your Home Owners Association report break-ins as well.

Who is responsible for the mailboxes being repaired?

For developments that have a Home Owners Association (HOA) that includes coverage of the cluster mailboxes, the HOA will be the responsible party. For developments that pre-date the City’s incorporation in October 2010 and those that do not have a HOA that is responsible for the cluster mailboxes, the maintenance and repairs fall on the property owner whose mailbox is located on the respective cluster. The repairs must be coordinated and paid for by the responsible HOA or in collaboration with all the homeowners whose mailbox is located on the respective cluster. Per the USPS, contacting the US Postal Service, 800.275.8777, prior to modifying or installing any mailbox equipment is mandatory.

The US Postal Service neither recommends nor endorses any particular equipment vendor.

How can I help?

The Postal Inspectors Office is asking people not to confront criminals directly as they may be dangerous. Rather, they are asking folks to try and get any form of identification (such as a license plate, vehicle description, photograph, or video footage) and report it to the Eastvale Police Department 951.776.1099 and to the Postal Inspector at 877.876.2455 as soon as possible. If the crime is in progress, call 911.

Citizens are encouraged to talk to neighbors and get involved or start a neighborhood watch program. Think strategically and talk to the neighbors in close proximity to the mailboxes who may be home during the day, willing to assist with video surveillance monitoring, or assist with keeping the area well lighted and clear of brush. If an HOA is applicable, ask them to help with preventative measures around the mailboxes.